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  1. Charles Fernando Postcard

    Collection: Ephemera
    Institution: JD Doyle Archives
    Creator: Dr. Trenkler Company
    Date: circa 1900
    Topics: Crossdressing, Opera, Singers
    Subject: Charles Fernando
    Description: A postcard displaying two images of Charles Fernando, one crossdressed the other in formal attire. The postcard boasts of his unrivaled genius.
  2. Cross-Talk: The Gender Community's News & Information Monthly, No. 39 (January, 1993)

    Collection: Cross-Talk: The Gender Community’s News & Information Monthly
    Institution: Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive
    Creator: Richards, Kymberleigh
    Date: Jan. 1993
    Topics: Appearance, Clothing, Comic strips, Coming out, Crossdressers, Femininities, Gender identity, Gender realignment surgery, Letters to the editor, LGBTQ+ partners, Masculinities, Meditation, Opera, Physicians, Sexuality, Strippers, Travel
    Subject: International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), Tri-Ess Society for the Second Self, Womyn for Womyn
  3. Delpini a la Rossi

    Collection: Art Works
    Institution: Yale University Libraries
    Creator: Sayers, James
    Date: Apr. 26, 1785
    Topics: Crossdressing, Etching, Opera, Performing arts, Visual arts
    Description: "Delpini, dressed as a woman, both arms held above his head, runs forward in profile to the left imitating a dancer. Beneath the title is etched: "Grace was in all her Steps" &c."--British Muse...
  4. Jackson-Dowd Theater Collection

    Collection: Discovery Resources
    Institution: Emerson College Archives and Special Collections
    Date: Unknown
    Topics: Arts, Ballet, Crossdressing, Drag, Journalists, Opera, Theatre
    Subject: Beatrice C. Dowd, Boston Ballet, Boston Lyric Opera, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera, Opera Company of Boston, Plymouth Theatre Corporation, William B. Jackson Jr., Williamstown Theatre Festival
  5. Mr. Bannister in the Character of Miss Polly Peachum

    Collection: Art Works
    Institution: Yale University Libraries
    Creator: Sayers, James
    Date: 1781
    Topics: Actors, Crossdressing, Etching, Opera
    Subject: Charles Bannister, John Gay
  6. Mr. or Miss?

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (Pre 1900)
    Institution: JD Doyle Archives
    Creator: The Inter Ocean
    Date: Jun. 8, 1887
    Topics: Drag kings, Male impersonators, Opera, Weddings
    Subject: Annie Hindle, Annie Ryan, Belle Kinsman, Charles Hindle, E.H. Brooks
  7. Pretty? Yes, But "She's" a "He"

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1900-1949)
    Institution: JD Doyle Archives
    Creator: NEA Service
    Date: Nov. 17, 1923
    Topics: Drag queens, Opera
    Subject: Julian Eltinge, Lionel Ames
  8. The Evangeline Combination

    Collection: Ephemera
    Institution: Peabody Essex Museum
    Date: Feb. 12, 1877
    Topics: Dance, Female impersonators, Opera, Theater
    Subject: A. S. Pennoyer, BABA, Blanche Selickson, C. M. Winter, Clara Fisher, Cora Verne, Edward E. Rice, Edwin S. Tarr, Eliza Weathersby, Estelle Stroelin, Evangeline, Flora Lee, George H. Cassidy, George Ulmer, Golden and Dixey, Harry Braham, Harry Hunter, Harry Josephs, Hattie Richardson, Herman Singleton, J. Cheever Goodwin, J. P. Steele, J. R. Quincy, Lizzie Webster, Louise Winans, Lucy Wood, M. C. Daly, Mechanic Hall, N. C. Goodwin Jr., Niblo's Garden, Seth M. Crane, Stella Richings, The Boston Museum, The Evangeline Combination, The Heiffer Dance, The Lydia Thompson Troupe, W. W. Bullock
    Description: Advertisement for a production of Evangeline featuring female impersonator Harry Josephs as Catherine.
  9. The Man Who Was a "Perfect Lady"

    Collection: Newspaper and Periodical Clippings (1900-1949)
    Institution: Transas City
    Creator: Blackmar, K.K.
    Date: Mar. 16, 1913
    Topics: Actors, Arrests, Female impersonators, Opera, Theatre
    Subject: Annie Butcher, Charles Heywood, Frank Butcher, The Great Heywood
  10. Transvestia vol. 16 no. 93

    Collection: Transvestia
    Institution: Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
    Date: 1978
    Topics: Crossdressing, Female impersonators, Opera, Transfeminine people, Transvestism
    Subject: Ariadne Kane, DREAM 77, Emergence: A Transsexual Autobiography, Fantasia Fair, Mario Martino